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09 May 2016 @ 09:10 pm

30 March 2016 @ 12:45 pm
Since LJ has now the sticky post function it was time to refresh our master list and add our up-coming projects too. So is easier for everyone to find things.

[Updated]  09/05/16

★ Released Projects

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★ Project List:
► Beautiful World DVD [ 2012.05.23 ] -- Karaoke
►"Kimi to miru sen yume" [2011.04.06] - Collaboration with mirai_no_iro -- Translation

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Welcome to neon_lines.

February 2014: Membership Closed - Despite the innactivity of the community the rules still apply so refrain from breaking them. -

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On a important note:

* We only provide hardsubs, so please refrain to ask for softsubs.

* Re-translations of our works to other languages are forbidden.

Now the part you’ve been waiting:


1.- DON'T redistribute or sell our videos

2.- NOT hotlink

3.- DON’T upload [in total or partial way] to any streaming site [Including but not limited to Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Todou, Youku, Tumblr, etc] .

4.- This videos are for PERSONAL USE ONLY

5.- Don't re-encode our files, this includes changing the format of a file

6..- Make sure to follow this rules, a cute kitty dies every time somebody breaks one of them

Seriously, our mods are everywhere around the net and if this happen we’ll definitely know it. And you will be banned from the comm.

We would really appreciate it If you suspect that someone is breaking the rules please message our mods therecklessgirl or mimi_kamenashi


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You can follow us in twitter as well @neon_lines to keep updated about our new releases

*Neon Lines Staff*
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