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Neon Lines
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Subbed videos of Arashi & other Johnny's

☆ We mainly sub Arashi videos, but also videos of other Johnny's.Our subs will be mainly in English but now and then will be subbing some videos in Spanish too.

☆ Our membership is currently moderated please respect our rules is not that hard -->

How to join:

Currently, the community is under moderated membership. To join, what you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment in the Intro Post: write a short introduction about yourself, and re-write our rules with your own words, letting us know that you’ve read it and you understand them and will follow our rules.

2.Click the join button

*Note: it's important you do both things otherwise you're not gonna get approval

♥ Don't Sell or Redistribute our videos.
♥ Not Hotlink
♥ Don't repost without permission
♥ Don't Upload To Any Streaming Site.
♥ Videos are for PERSONAL USE ONLY

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